Results 2009

County Championship

was won by Lizzie Taylor (West Essex GC) at Abridge  G & CC; runner-up - Danielle Anderson (Rochford Hundred); Top Qualifier:  Charlotte Thompson (Channels

Seniors County Championship

won by Julie Dicks (Five Lakes G & CC); runner-up - Brenda Skudder (Chelmsford)

Girls Championship

was won by Daisy Dyer (Chigwell GC) at Maylands GC

Girls U15 Championship

was won by Paige Kemp (Boyce Hill)

Silver Shield

Final held at Abridge G & CC 21/9/09 - Chelmsford GC beat Colchester GC

Bronze Shield

Final held at Chigwell GC on 7/8/09 - Benton Hall GC beat Thorndon Park GC

Munro Foursomes

Final held at Rochford Hundred GC on 4/9/09  - Chigwell GC beat Channel GC

Silver Trophy

Final held at Maylands GC on 28/8/09 - Thorndon Park GC beat Garon Park GC

Harris Bowl

Final held at Braintree GC on 12/10/09 - Chelmsford GC beat Gosfield Lake GC









Windfall Trophy

Final held at Crondon Park GC on 5/10/09 - the winner was  Nicky Iles (Crondon Park GC)

Ormseby Cooke Cup

Final held at Five Lakes G & CC on 13/10/09 - the winner was Val Steele-Colton (Chigwell GC)

The Hunter Foursomes

The winners were Anna Wells and Louella Hitchcock (Chigwell GC), runners-up Georgina Blackman and Pat Vincent (Chelmsford GC)

The Logan Trophy

The winner was Ashlee Tyrrell (Lords of Rayleigh GC),  runner-up Charlotte Thompson (Channels GC) 


The Inter County 2nd Team Trophy


Other Winners     

London Foursomes                                                                              Worplesdon GC    

County Meetings - Spring

H.Cap            +  20                 Thorpe Hall Bowl                                  Gill Sautter (Epping)            

                      +  20                 Watmough Bowl                                  Val Steele-Coulton (Chigwell)

                 Seniors                  Joy Wooster Cup                                  Heather Moss (The Essex)                                                 

County Meetings - Autumn

                    21-36                 Romford Bowl                                       Jenny Humphries (Channels)

                 Seniors                 Ina Cameron Cup                                 Jenny Chamberlain (Maldon)

County Week: Played at Stock Brook Manor G & CC, Billericay. The winners were Hertfordshire with Essex coming a very close second.

Junior Trophies

Frankie Hitchcock Salver (Jnr. Golfer of the Year)                                Daisy Dyer (Chigwell)

Boyce Cup (most improved)                                                                Dulcie Sverdloff (Ballards Gore)

Joy Bridge Salver                                                                                 Dulcie Sverdloff (Ballards Gore)                                       

Marjorie Wray Plate                                                                             Rosie Gregory (Thorpe Hall)

Hunter Foursomes                                                                               Anna Wells & Louella Hitchcock (Chigwell)

Logan Trophy                                                                                       Ashlee Tyrell (Lords of Rayleigh)

Management Committee

President                               Helen Morgan (Thorpe Hall)

Captain                                 Janice Hazledine (Rochford  Hundred)

Vice Capt                               Brenda Skudder (Chelmsford)                         

2nd Team                               Amanda Colgate-Herbert (Rochford 100)

Hon. Sec.                               Wendy Wilcock (Rochford Hundred)             

Hon. Treasurer                      Colleen Johnson (Harwich & Dovercourt)

Silver Shield/Trophy               Diane Johnson (Maylands)                             

Bronze Shield                         Paula Higgins (Benton Hall)

Harris Bowl/Munro                 Nicola Thomas (Benton Hall)                           

Bronze Meetings                    Pat Kettle (Five Lakes)

Snrs./Silvers                          Joyce Currie  (Rochford Hundred)                

Juniors                                   Karen Charles (Colne Valley)

Training                                 Sue Lines-Poulton (Thorndon Park)              

East Regional Rep                 Pat Garner (Thorndon Park)

Handicap Adviser                   Janice Hazledine (R Hundred)                          

SS Assessor                           Pat Garner (Thorndon Park)

Delegates                              Peggy Corbett (Burnham-on-Crouch)

                                              Dot Greaves (Five Lakes)

LGU Appointed                      Trisha Wilson (Chelmsford)