Second Team Matches 2016

County Second Team Matches 2016
Friday, 26th August, County Second Team Finals, Frinton Golf Club

2016 Second Team

Back row: Louisa Storey (Colchester), Teresa Kennedy (Maylands), Cassie Cunningham (Colchester), Amanda Hartman (Chelmsford), Faye Trigg (Clacton-on-Sea), Sophie Wheeler (Orsett), Ashley Chalmers (Thorndon Park)

Front Row: Alice Hiluta (Chelmsford), Louella Hitchcock (Second Team Captain), Philippa Deman (County President), Liz Gibson (County Captain), Amanda Colgate-Herbert (Rochford).

The results prior to Finals Day had Norfolk in the lead having won all their matches, Essex were in second place having won two out of their three matches, Bedfordshire were third and Cambs & Hunts fourth. 
Having lost to Norfolk 5-4, it was possible for Essex to turn that round into a win if they won all their three singles matches against Norfolk, which would then make the score 7-5 to Essex and turn Norfolk’s win into a win for Essex!  However, on the day, Norfolk were too strong for Essex and won all three of the singles, so that Norfolk still had the three wins.  Essex retained their position with Bedfordshire and Cambs & Hunts and finished runners-up.

Tuesday 2nd August -  2nd Team v Cambs & Hunts (Home at Abridge GC) 
Essex beat Cambs & Hunts 9-0
Captained by Liz Gibson, County Captain, the team had an excellent win.  The team was: Amanda Hartman (Chelmsford), Ashley Chalmers (Thorndon Park), Faye Trigg (Clacton-on-Sea), Louisa Storey (Colchester), Monika Solanki (Hainault Forest), and Teresa Kennedy (Maylands).
Thursday 21st July – 2nd Team v Norfolk (Away at Barnham Broom GC)
Norfolk beat Essex 5-4
An extremely hot day on a course with quite a hilly back 9.
The team was: Amanda Colgate-Herbert (Rochford), Ashley Chalmers (Thorndon Park), Teresa Kennedy (Maylands), Brenda Skudder (Chelmsford), Louisa Storey (Colchester) and Sophie Wheeler (Orsett).
Thursday 30th June – 2nd Team v Bedfordshire (Home at Upminster GC)
Essex beat Beds 8 – 1
A wonderful start to the Second Team matches. 
The team was Amanda Colgate-Herbert (Rochford), Amanda Hartman (Chelmsford) Ashley Chalmers (Thorndon Park), Louisa Storey (Colchester), Paige Kemp (Boyce Hill) and Sophie Wheeler (Orsett).