County knockout Competitions 

RULES 2018
1FORMAT: Individual Knockout tournament off handicap for players in 3 divisions,

Plus – 15 (Gold), 16 – 21 (Silver), 22 – 36 (Bronze)

          Handicap allowance full difference in handicap 

         Maximum of 64 competitors per division

If a player’s handicap increases and is outside the limit of the division, she must play off the maximum handicap in that division.  If a player’s handicap reduces and is below the handicap range, she must stay in the division but play off her new handicap.


2.  ENTRY FEE: 5 per player.

3.  ELIGIBILITY: All players must have a competitive handicap and be members of a club affiliated to the ELCGA.  No player may represent more than one club during the course of the event.

4.  WHERE A CLUB HAS MORE THAN ONE COURSE: Once a course is agreed upon when the match is booked, this must be upheld.

5.  DRAW:  The top player in each match will be at home for the first round only.  In subsequent rounds there will be a draw to decide Home or Away.  Semi Finals and Finals will be played on neutral courses.  Finalists and semi-finalists will be placed in opposite sides of the draw the following year.

Should a player already have had 2 consecutive home/away draws, then they will automatically play home/away in the following round – unless their opposition is in the same position, when a draw will be made in the usual way.

6.  GREEN FEES:  If a green fee has to be paid it will be shared.

7.  CADDIES:  Are not permitted, until the final.

8. GOLF:  Only allowed on production of a medical certificate and the BUGGIES Competition Organiser must be notified.

9. GENERAL:  Matches must be played in accordance with tees and greens of the  RULE day and commence at the 1st Tee where possible.

10. DATES:  It is the responsibility of each player to know the closing date for each round The home player must make contact and offer both midweek and weekend dates spread over not less than two weeks and contact their opponent within two weeks of the relevant draw date.  If she fails to do this, the opponent may claim the home draw.

11. COMPLETION DATES:  Each round must be completed on time, no extensions will be given.

12. SUBSTITUTES:  No substitutes will be allowed.

13. RESULTS:  The result of each match to be emailed, to the Competition Organiser by both players.  If the match is played on the last date, the result must be emailed immediately.

14. SEMI FINALS: Will be played at a neutral course, the venue to be decided by the Organiser. The first named player must make contact with their opponent as soon as possible to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for the match to be played, giving at least one midweek and one weekend date.  Three possible dates should be agreed and then one of the players should contact the club the match is to be played at to book the round.  The match must be played by the closing date.

15FINALS DAY:  All three Finals will take place on a course and date specified by ELCGA in the presence of referees from ELCGA.

16. PRIZES:  The winners and runners-up of each division will receive a voucher.

17THUNDERSTORMS:  In the event of a storm players should mark their balls, return to the Clubhouse or take shelter and resume play as soon as possible.  If the course remains closed for the day, the match shall be rearranged and play shall commence on the tee of the incomplete hole.  Original Handicaps prevail.

18PRACTICE ROUNDS Please note it is the County’s policy that courtesy rounds may not be requested at any time.




County Knockout Organiser 2018

Jayne Stockwell